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Web Statistics Montage 3.5

Web Statistics Montage 3.5: Compile web statistics from multiple web sites Web Statistics Montage is a free tool that compiles web statistics from multiple web sites and sends them to you in an easy-to-read, easy-to-compare format without having to log in anywhere! Just set up a simple configuration file, upload the files to your site and you`re done. Web Statistics Montage gathers statistics like search engine spider activity, the PageRank of each of your sites, the unique visitors to your site over the last 3 months,

Web Log DB 3.45: The Web Log DB exports web log data to databases via ODBC.
Web Log DB 3.45

Web Log DB exports web log data to databases via ODBC. Web Log DB uses ODBC to export data from raw log files to your database, using SQL queries. Web Log DB allows you to use the applications you have become accustomed to such as MS SQL, MS Excel, MS Access etc. Also, any other ODBC compliant application can now be used to produce the output you desire. Use Web Log DB to perform further analysis in special softs. Web Log DB supports more than 25

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Web Log Explorer 7.42: Web log analysis on-the-fly. Get as deep into your log files as you need to!
Web Log Explorer 7.42

Web Log Explorer is a powerful log analyzer generates reports of any kind and displays them. The system of filters provides the ability to carry out deep analysis of visitor activity. It gives you activity statistics, file access statistics, and information about referring pages, search engines, errors, visitor countries, referring sites , you will get complete information about search words and phrases and more. The flexible system of filters provides

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Easy web analizer 1.0

Read the situation on your website at a glance with the Easywebanaliser. Your visitors are no longer another dull record in the database. Visitors dynamically appear on Easywebanaliser, they move, they act, they communicate. Each visitor has a graphical badge that displays personalized summary for the visitor, helping to pinpoint prospective customers and timely provide for them necessary services.

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WebCab Probability and Stat for .NET 3.6: Statistics, Discrete Prob, Distributions, Hypo. testing, Correlation,Regression
WebCab Probability and Stat for .NET 3.6

Statistics, Discrete Probability, Standard Probability Distributions, Hypothesis Testing, Correlation and Linear Regression functionality to your .NET, COM, and XML Web service Applications. Statistics Module Incorporates topic from data presentation (incl. standard, relative and cumulative frequency tables), Basic Statistics (incl. measure of centrality, dispersion and relative location) and Grouped Data (incl. Sample Mean, Variance and Standard

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Web Padlock 3.2

Web browser. This gives you controlĀ over what Web pages can be viewed on your computer. Once installed, Web Padlock blocks other Web browsers (like Internet Explorer, Netscape, or America Online) from running. This leaves Web Padlock as the only available Web browser. In order to view any Web page on Web Padlock when Web Padlock is in the locked mode, that Web page must have been added to the authorized Web page list. A user selected password is

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MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint Web-statistics on SharePoint usage, reports about search, integration with AD.
MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint

MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint is a solution for web analysis, networking analysis, and workflow audit. It is a source of administrative information on the performance of SharePoint-based Intranet-portals and websites. pproduct offers reports about users and their behavior, usage statistics and perception of content, document libraries and lists accessed, search queries, and growth in the number of documents, sites, or database size.

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